7 things I'm looking forward to in December - Blogmas Day 1

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Tis the season for blogging, right?? I have decided that best way to challenge myself and participate in blogmas! I thought it would be appropriate to kick this off with 7 things I am looking forward to this month! Seven is my favorite/lucky number, as a fun fact ;-)

1.) The End of Fall Semester
Lets be real, college is great and all but I am in my fourth year and knowing that I am graduating this coming May makes me feel both happy and sad. The end of this semester is full of papers and projects, as well as a lot of lasts. I am ready to start a new chapter in my life, though.

2.) Family time
I go to college about four hours away from my home town. Being involved in a fraternity and other things makes it hard for me to make it home a lot. I love any chance I get to go see my family and my parents. 

3.) Holidays
This kind of goes on the same lines as family time, but I can't help it! I love the holiday season (after Thanksgiving is over) and browsing through all of the decorations to dream about my future home.

4.) The Big Short
This movie has such a weird yet awesome line up! Like, I am just so fascinated to see how these actors work together!

5.) Me time
While yes I love seeing family, I also like to enjoy time to myself where I have no stress and no worries about school, tests, meetings, etc. And this gives me more time to focus on blogging!

6.) Smoothies
I am trying to get into a getter habit of making at least one healthy smoothie for myself a day. Maybe I could do a post on my favorites ;-)

7.) Christmas Music
YES. CHRISTMAS MUSIC. I jam out to christmas music in the car, in the mornings, all the time this month. I am a huge fan of Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Mannheim Steamroller, but no one can resist the classics either.

What are you all looking forward to this holiday season? Link below if you are also doing blogmas!

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Sunburn DIY Relief

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I think this time of year is when I forget that sunscreen is a thing and I should probably use it. And this happened to me on Memorial Day. As you can see from the picture below, I kind of sort of fried. Being a Pinterest addict I had remembered seeing something about being able to use tea to sooth sun burns, so I thought I would give it a try and report back how well it worked!

I used 5 bags of Earl Grey tea, and let them steep on the stove for about 4 minutes and then removed the pot from the heat. I then let the pot cool for a little bit and took the tea bags out, setting them in a separate bowl. Next, I poured the tea into a separate bowl to allow the tea to cool to room temperature, and I also added the tea bags back into the bowl. Once the tea is fully cooled, soak a towel into your bowl and then lay the towel onto the affected area for a minimum of 30 minutes.

As you can see, the results are not the best. Remember though, this is all through personal experience, so it could help you! I will say that I had immediate relief from the burning/itchy feeling of the burn and have not had that sensation since doing this!

What are your favorite DIY's for the summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Beauty Industry Womp

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I'm not sure what has actually inspired me to write this post, but at the same time I do. Recently I had a horrible reaction to a face sunscreen. ever since this, my face has become dry as all get out and very, very sensitive. Through the process of trying to revamp my skincare routine I have decided that I very much dislike the fact that there is little regulations in the U.S. on what can be put in skincare. I went into my local Sephora, because a lady that works in there helped me last fall with a search for a new moisturizer and was very helpful. She told me about how she has become someone who is constantly researching skincare for her own life, as well as to help people who come into Sephora. I found an app called SkinDeep. This app allows you to type in the name as well as scan a bar code of products that you are looking at in the stores, to see what rating (1-10) the product is as well as what ingredients are the most prone to irritation and other factors. Again, I'm not sure if the reaction or talking to this wonderful lady in Sephora is what has sparked my interest in researching skincare, but sometimes I wish I didn't have to. That I didn't have to figure out what all of these scientific terms meant on my own. 

What is something about the Beauty Industry that rustles your feathers? 

Mug Swap - But First, Coffee

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Hello all! I have missed writing on here a lot. I do apologize for my absence. 

I wanted to share an opportunity I had! Kallie from the blog, But First, Coffee facilitates a mug swap with her followers every so often. This first happened at the end of last year (I think it's honestly been so long now) and I was matched with the lovely Ashley Gabrielle. Once you have been matched with your mug swap partner, it is your alls job to get to know one another and then eventually send each other a mug! While Ashley and I both sent out mugs out a little late, we still got them to each other. I think she would agree with me when I say that the process of emailing back and forth and giving each other blurbs about each others lives was so much fun. We do have plans to continue to keep in contact with each other, and I honestly am so excited for that also. I think because of this mug swap, I have created a connection through the blogging world that we both enjoy, as well as a new friend :-)
Ashley is so sweet, and you should definitely go check out her blog! And I mean, you probably want to see what mug she got from me, right? ;-) 

And if you're here from Ashley's blog, hi and welcome! Like I said at the beginning of this post, I haven't put out a blog post in a while due to life events and school but I have a list and a folder of pictures ready to be edited for more posts this week :-) I think anyone would sympathies that starting to get into blogging consistently is challenging, but I'm slowly working on it :-)

Hope you all have a wonderful easter, and like I said, go say hi to Ashley and follow her! Just click here!

Netflix Tag

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I've only had Netflix since December 2014 (crazy, I know) but I find myself on there almost every day or at least every other day. So I figured this tag would be something fun and personal to throw up while in a bit of a hiatus from my goal of posting regularly. With school and a bit more involvement in my co-ed fraternity, my life has become more chaotic than I thought it would be this semester.
If you have any tips for blogging while in school and really getting yourself fixated on a schedule, I would love the links/comments!

1) What are your favorite series to watch on Netflix?
This is so easy - Scandal. My boyfriend and I just got Netflix back in December and this is the first thing we started to watch. We are obsessed. If you like a show that keeps you on your toes and guessing, this is the one for you. Plus, I have decided I am aspiring to be Olivia Pope ;-)

2) What are you currently watching on Netflix?
House of Cards... Yes I started it. No I do not regret anything.

3) If you could have any series; old or new, put on Netflix, what would it be?
Probably any old school Nickelodeon shows that were from the 90's. I know there are a few on Netflix, but imagine a whole category of 90's Nick... I would die!

4) What is your one peeve about Netflix?
Searching for things... I always feel like I can never find anything and just watch whatever is on the suggested or new tabs on the home page. I do not mind trying to search for things but the process is dissatisfying. Does anyone agree with me??

5) What are your essentials for a perfect night in?
Lots of blankets, favorite PJ pants, hot tea, and a stuffed animal to cuddle with :-)

6) Recommend one series or movie for someone else.
Mr. Peabody, Scandal, House of Cards, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Sherlock. Basis of my likings :-)

I tag anyone who is reading this to fill out this tag!