Makeup Overhaul + Makeup Collection (Picture heavy)

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I decided at the end of 2014 that I wanted to reorganize and declutter my makeup collection. I do not have a huge makeup collection to begin with, so I knew it would not be that big of a task. I took before and after shots of my items by purpose/type to show you how many I kept and got rid of. I love looking at these types of posts on YouTube and blogs because they are so inspiring. Sometimes we really need to appreciate what we have!! This post will also be followed by a few other organization ones soon to come! With all of this being said this post is picture heavy, but I hope you enjoy!


I decided that the Lumi foundation was something I love but need to work on these other foundations. I also do not wear foundation on a daily basis so even these are a lot for me.


 I am definitely a concealer girl, because unlike foundation this is something that I do wear almost every day. I am however trying to downsize certain areas of my collection for how I am wanting to organize. Since doing this
though I have added the NYX concealer pot and the Maybelline Master Conceal. This is not the only area that has changed a little in my collection.


Brows are essential. I basically just tossed what was old or I couldn't use anymore with my more vibrant red hair. (Looking for a brow pencil recommendation ^^)


Certain powders are for certain functions. The Olay powder is one that I love but was on the older side. And I had just recieved a new bare mineral veil for Christmas so I decided to toss the old one also. I may be looking for a new loose powder as well, here soon :o


Bronzer gives me life. The Ulta thing however I could not stand. And teh revlon one would not pick up color anymore to save my life :-(


I feel like we all have those moments when we ahve too many open mascaras. Luckily, the oens I threw out were on their last legs. Definitely would not reccomend the ulta mascara. It did absolutely nothing :-(

Eye Bases

This is one area of my collection I thought I would struggle with most. After much deliberation though I was able to narrow down my beloved color tattoos.


These last pictures I didn't feel the comparisons were worth showing, but I figured you would still like to see what I have! :-)

I hope that this post was fun! Let me know if you have any other ideas for posts or things that you would like to see, and I'll be happy to look into them! If you would like to know any specific shades or names feel free to ask in the comments. I hope you all have a  wonderful day! :-) Thanks for reading!


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