Happy Holidays + Update!

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Hello lovely people! I am coming to you alive and well! I thought I would update you all on my life and what I have been up to that has made my blog come to a hiatus for a month or so now.

The end of my fall semester came to a screeching stress mess fast, which made my social and blog life also come to a halt. Never have I had to deal with some much school work at once. And once all of that was done, finals week approached which meant more studying!!

With finals week over (early for me) came traveling to my universities bowl game trip, seeing as I am in the marching band. It was a great weekend trip filled with little sleep and a ton of memories (14 hour bus drive one way!) This was my last year marching in a band, and that reality hit me hard and fast. Due to some physical complications I cannot take the physical tole of marching anymore. I will however continue to play my saxophone in other ensembles on campus :-)

As far as the new year goes, I already have some segment ideas I am wanting to do. I plan on doing a blog post on the 1st of January with my goal for my blog and what I want to accomplish. I am also working on creating a different layout for my blog. If you have any suggestions on where to get templets please let me know in the comments!

Thank you all so much for being patient. This blog is something I am really passionate about and want it to be community based with great information and ideas :-)

Hope everyone has a great New Year, and I cannot wait to see what all of you have in mind for the New Year as well!


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