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Hello all! I have missed writing on here a lot. I do apologize for my absence. 

I wanted to share an opportunity I had! Kallie from the blog, But First, Coffee facilitates a mug swap with her followers every so often. This first happened at the end of last year (I think it's honestly been so long now) and I was matched with the lovely Ashley Gabrielle. Once you have been matched with your mug swap partner, it is your alls job to get to know one another and then eventually send each other a mug! While Ashley and I both sent out mugs out a little late, we still got them to each other. I think she would agree with me when I say that the process of emailing back and forth and giving each other blurbs about each others lives was so much fun. We do have plans to continue to keep in contact with each other, and I honestly am so excited for that also. I think because of this mug swap, I have created a connection through the blogging world that we both enjoy, as well as a new friend :-)
Ashley is so sweet, and you should definitely go check out her blog! And I mean, you probably want to see what mug she got from me, right? ;-) 

And if you're here from Ashley's blog, hi and welcome! Like I said at the beginning of this post, I haven't put out a blog post in a while due to life events and school but I have a list and a folder of pictures ready to be edited for more posts this week :-) I think anyone would sympathies that starting to get into blogging consistently is challenging, but I'm slowly working on it :-)

Hope you all have a wonderful easter, and like I said, go say hi to Ashley and follow her! Just click here!


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