7 things I'm looking forward to in December - Blogmas Day 1

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Tis the season for blogging, right?? I have decided that best way to challenge myself and participate in blogmas! I thought it would be appropriate to kick this off with 7 things I am looking forward to this month! Seven is my favorite/lucky number, as a fun fact ;-)

1.) The End of Fall Semester
Lets be real, college is great and all but I am in my fourth year and knowing that I am graduating this coming May makes me feel both happy and sad. The end of this semester is full of papers and projects, as well as a lot of lasts. I am ready to start a new chapter in my life, though.

2.) Family time
I go to college about four hours away from my home town. Being involved in a fraternity and other things makes it hard for me to make it home a lot. I love any chance I get to go see my family and my parents. 

3.) Holidays
This kind of goes on the same lines as family time, but I can't help it! I love the holiday season (after Thanksgiving is over) and browsing through all of the decorations to dream about my future home.

4.) The Big Short
This movie has such a weird yet awesome line up! Like, I am just so fascinated to see how these actors work together!

5.) Me time
While yes I love seeing family, I also like to enjoy time to myself where I have no stress and no worries about school, tests, meetings, etc. And this gives me more time to focus on blogging!

6.) Smoothies
I am trying to get into a getter habit of making at least one healthy smoothie for myself a day. Maybe I could do a post on my favorites ;-)

7.) Christmas Music
YES. CHRISTMAS MUSIC. I jam out to christmas music in the car, in the mornings, all the time this month. I am a huge fan of Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Mannheim Steamroller, but no one can resist the classics either.

What are you all looking forward to this holiday season? Link below if you are also doing blogmas!

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