A Reflection on my Makeup Journey - Collab with SatinMilk & Hannah Dolled Up!

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I have never thought about how my makeup style has changed until I was given the opportunity to do this collab with Hannah and Ashley

While it was hard to find some pictures, I would have to say that my makeup style has changed tremendously. I started wearing makeup when I was in the 8th grade. I only wore eye liner, mascara and eye shadow. The trio of choice was Wet n Wild's Walking on Egg Shells ;-) That was it! I mastered liquid eyeliner at this age as well, because that's all I exposed myself too. Why I have no idea but I am grateful for that now. The following picture is from high school, and I cannot even tell you to this day how I got that lower lash line to look so good.
To reflect on this for an additional second, can we admire the lack of eye brow in this picture also? x3
As far as my skin care journey goes, I am still struggling with this to this day. For some reason I can never get myself in a good routine. Heck, I can't even figure out a good routine for myself! But, I do wash my face twice a day and that's even better than what I did back in 8th grade.
It is also to reflect on the fact that as I go through my personal social media, none of my current pictures show my every day makeup. Probably because this semester it seems that I have embraced an all natural appearance more than I ever have. That in itself says a lot, because when I first started wearing makeup I did the same thing every morning. Not kidding you! Now, I wear makeup on the days that I have time or my special events. This is currently something I am trying to hash out in my life to create a go to 10 minute face, because I genuinely do love to wear makeup!
My life is a mess, and makeup for me has evolved into the thing where I can sit down and make myself feel good for how ever long I allow it. I love the process of putting on makeup and I love trying out new products... So this post has really made me realize that I need to put in a little more effort. I started wearing makeup because I loved watching the girls on youtube do it, and not I blog about it! SO CRAZY! 
This is a really rambly blog post, and I will probably go back and edit some things, but the gist is that I have evolved into someone who is putting on makeup when I can, and enjoying the collection even when I am not using it. My goal is to create a easy routine for myself as well as produce quality insight of my thoughts as well as my looks and collection to you all - thanks to this collab I have realized this!

Remember to check out the other two beautiful ladies in this collab! :-) We each took a different spin on this so there is something for every reader to enjoy!!

Have a great day!


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