Beauty Industry Womp

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I'm not sure what has actually inspired me to write this post, but at the same time I do. Recently I had a horrible reaction to a face sunscreen. ever since this, my face has become dry as all get out and very, very sensitive. Through the process of trying to revamp my skincare routine I have decided that I very much dislike the fact that there is little regulations in the U.S. on what can be put in skincare. I went into my local Sephora, because a lady that works in there helped me last fall with a search for a new moisturizer and was very helpful. She told me about how she has become someone who is constantly researching skincare for her own life, as well as to help people who come into Sephora. I found an app called SkinDeep. This app allows you to type in the name as well as scan a bar code of products that you are looking at in the stores, to see what rating (1-10) the product is as well as what ingredients are the most prone to irritation and other factors. Again, I'm not sure if the reaction or talking to this wonderful lady in Sephora is what has sparked my interest in researching skincare, but sometimes I wish I didn't have to. That I didn't have to figure out what all of these scientific terms meant on my own. 

What is something about the Beauty Industry that rustles your feathers? 


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